Impulse for your month

I know Christmas is just over and many people don´t want to think about presents for the next few months. But did you ever think to give presents to others without any occasion and without expecting any presents back?

I´ve got this philosophy from my brother. If you would ask him, there wouldn´t be any presents on Christmas, because Christmas is not about the presents, but it´s about Jesus coming down to earth. That’s why he doesn´t give any presents for Christmas and he doesn´t want any presents.

He rather gives presents without any occasion. When he sees something that reminds him of someone, then he gets it for that person. This doesn’t only show, that he really knows the person, but it surprises the person much more than a Christmas present or a birthday present, because the person doesn’t expect it.

I also started to do it like him, because I think it’s a really cool principle.
It may not the best time to start now. But it´s a good time to start thinking about it and maybe it´s a good New Year´s resolution.

Enjoy the first month of 2019 and think about this approach.