Impulse for your month

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Can you believe it's October already?! It's the time of sweater weather, warm fall colors and Pumpkin Spice Lattes. Time to cuddle up with some hot tea and a book for plenty of cozy fall days!
If you look outside you'll notice how the trees change their color. Some might just get brown, others yellow- orange and some might turn bright red, even with a shade of deep purple.
Did you know that all these pretty colors actually develop because the tree is stressed? As the temperatures fall and winter is about to come over, the trees need all the important nutrients from their leaves in the trunk to store them there in the cold season. There are several reactions happening, and in the process of dying the leaves change their colors. It has to be sunny and warm during the day and close to freezing in the night for the leaves to get that bright red color. These many changes are quite stressful for the tree, but yet they are so beautiful and gather strength for even tougher times.
It can be similar for us humans, too. Tough times with many changes make us stronger in the end, even if they are exhausting at the time being. There are good things in all trouble, and with God by our side we will be able to see these things eventually. And for everyone around us, we will shine in bright colors once the struggles are overcome.

Have a blessed month!