Impulse for your month

Do you know God´s plans for your life?
I don´t. But that´s okay, because I know his plan for the next year and that´s enough right now.
Sometimes god tells us his plans for our lifes, but often he doesn´t. At least not the plan for our whole life, but a little part of it. Often it´s not good for us to know what will be in a few years. God knows it and he´s quite spontaneous in telling us.
I just noticed this again, because I´m about to finish my apprenticeship and I didn´t know what I will do afterwards until yesterday. I had a plan what I could do or what I want to do, but it lasted until yesterday to be sure what I will do.
God often keeps us waiting for an answer, until we think it´s to late, to prove that he´s in charge. He wants us to believe that we can do everything through him. For god it´s never to late.
I know this is easy to say, but I can tell you it´s worth it to wait for an answer instead of trying it on your own.
Even if it´s hard, listen to god and wait for him to act. He will help you at his time.