Impulse for your month

Time is a weird construct. You can't save it. Once a minute has passed, you cannot retrieve it to re-live it. It is over and forever gone. This is why we're always told to make the most of our time. That is sometimes a tough thing to do, because we can't even really control our time. Sure, we try to plan things, make schedules and so on, but things get messed up, unplanned consequences interfere with our time tables and we end up 'losing' our time any way.
We can't change anything about that and it is the best thing to come to terms with that situation. Now, I want to challenge you this month to try to actually celebrate your "now". "Live in the moment" is a very cheesy phrase, but let's think about this for a minute: How often do we think about yesterday, or the future? I bet you, we do that more than we think about our present, our now. We worry so much about what was and what is going to be that we forget about our present. I encourage you to take a minute or two every day this month to just be in the moment. Assess where you are at that exact moment, what you have and maybe count your blessings. It is worth it, believe me. And it will be time well spent.