Impulse for your month

Today is not only April Fools Day, April 1st - more and MOST importantly, today is Easter Sunday! Hallelujah, the grave is empty! He Is Risen!!!
This must have been the best news ever for the women who originally came to mourn. Seeing that Jesus is alive - a miracle, relief, resurrection. And not only for the women at the grave: also for us, today. Jesus defeated death, and we can, too, because he did. On Easter we celebrate thte fact that there is hope, there is light, there is new life. Life after death. Eternity. It is what gives our lives on this earth purpose. Reflect today on this purpose, and maybe find a new thankfulness for the sacrifice that Jesus made, and for the love and grace that God has given. Happy Easter - let it be known, we are saved. Because God Demonstrates his love.