Impulse for your month

Happy New Year! I hope you had a great time celebrating the dawn of 2018 and had a wonderful start to the New Year, no matter if it was with your family, with friends or maybe all by yourself.
A lot of people take new years eve as a chance to reflect on the past year, to meet up with friends and to celebrate the start of a new year. Sometimes there is alcohol involved, too, and most of us probably have or will at some point in our lives experience a hangover. No shame about that - stuff happens. Maybe you even have or had a hangover today?! That's ok; just whip out some of the good old home remedies to cure it. Maybe you have some special kind of food you crave after a long night out. Or you do it all differently and just go for a run first thing in the morning to conquer the hungover feeling.
What most people do, though, and what is proven to help your body, is plain and simple: WATER. Drink lots and lots of water. You'll need to hydrate to get back to your normal self.
Now, this is not supposed to be a "How to deal with a hangover" post. I want to take about some different kind of water. Because just as much as our body needs water after drinking a lot of alcohol or eating salty food, our soul sometimes craves "water". You probably know those parts when the Bible speaks about the water of life. This water is so much more than just H2O. It has the power to lift your spirit, enlighten your soul and renew your faith. I don't know if you have ever experienced the "craving" for God's presence, but if you have you know what I am talking about and you know that this craving is true. And No matter what you do to tend to that craving (because it is a good one to give in to!), either listen to worship music, play worship music yourself, read the bible or simply pray: all of those things open the gates for the water of life to flow into your heart and soul. It has no cost attached to it. All you need to be is ready, and open, and thirsty. God will give you the water of life whenever you need it, next week, next month, through all of this year. May it be a good and blessed one for you. Happy New Year.

"To the thirsty I will give from the spring of the water of life without payment." 
Revelation 21:6