Impulse for your month

Hello November! Isn't it unreal how quickly this year went by? I feel like it was spring just yesterday and now it is only a couple more weeks until Christmas. Summer is over and the days get shorter.  The sun sets around 6pm already, which makes it hard to see much of the sunshine during the day when you're at work, in school or otherwise occupied. Sunlight is actually super important for our bodies: it kickstarts the metabolism, helps produce Vitamin D and is proven to  make us happy. A lot of people feel depressed way easier in winter because of the lack of sunlight.
Now the thing is, sunlight is not the only light we need in our life. In the first letter to the Thessalonians Paul writes: "You are all children of the light and children of the day. We do not belong to the night or to the darkness." Isn't that amazing? We all have that light inside of us, and Paul encourages us to shed it and spread it wide. That can start with small things like smiling at the cashierin the grocery store. Say thank you to the woman who held the door for you. Let the mom with her tired kid get ahead of you in line at the coffee shop. You don't have to take big actions and put them on display. The smallest things might have the biggest impact. So use your light, especially
Have a blessed month!
now in the darker season. We all need it, and we can light the world up by sharing it.