Donnerstag, 1. Juni 2017

Impulse for your month

Today I want to talk about friendship.
True friendship is really important. We often underestimate this. Many friendships break today, because we don´t care about them enough, or because we destroy them, by disappointing each other.
I recently read a book about friendship and want to share some points that became important to me:
It’s important to invest into the friendship. To talk about what´s important to you and to take time for the other person, without looking for your own benefit. But also without using the selflessness of the other person.
Another important point is, to not being jealous of your friend, when is having a good time. But to be happy for him and show it, that you’re happy. Cause if you divide happiness it gets double.
It´s also important to help each other, if one is having a hard time. Not to feel too good to get dirty and to go through every high and low together. Because a one-sided friendship destroys the person who is investing more into the friendship. But you also have to let people help you.
I hope that someone could take something out of this.

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