Mittwoch, 1. März 2017

Impulse for your month

Spring has sprung! Or, well is about to. March has just come around the corner and is about to wake up the world with flowers, sun and the first warm days. Nature hits the reset button and restarts the engine.
How are you doing in your life right now? Do you need to restart? Reset? Maybe things have been going on in your life that you know aren't doing you well. But you can't just stop them. Maybe it's a bad habit or old weights you can't get rid of. You just can't forgive yourself and let go. That drags you down, slows your life and affects you negatively. So maybe that "Reset" button is just what you need right now?
Be brave and hit it. Bring your guilt, bad habits and all the old excess weight to God. He already forgave you. And he will forgive you over and over again if you just ask and commit - the last one to forgive you is most of the times yourself. You can forgive yourself now.
Have a blessed month!

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