Sonntag, 1. Januar 2017

Impulse for your month

Happy New Year! 
I hope you started your year 2017 close to all your loved ones, safe and sound. Have you made any resolutions for the new year? The thing about resolutions is, they tend to not last very long.
Something that lasts forever though, is this promise:

"I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit in you." 
                                                    - Ezekiel 36:26

God made this promise thousands of years ago and yet it's as recent as ever. Try to adopt the new heart and the new spirit God gives you this year. He won't only give it to you once, but over and over again if you just ask. God wants to renew you every day and give you a positiv spirit for each morning. 
Be thankful for the life God gave. you. I know, that's not always easy. 2016 might have been rough for you, or it might have been the best year of your life so far. 
Remember your new heart and the new spirit, take chances this year. Because sometimes, your life, your year, your day is just what you make it.

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