Samstag, 1. Oktober 2016

Impulse for your month

Maybe you remember situations when your parents said "Do this and that and then you can watch TV." They stated conditions for your treats, probably helping in the household was one of their most used ones before you could watch TV, have dessert or play on the computer.
 There might have been situations later on where you even thought for yourself "If I do this and that, people proud of me". You feel like you have to do something to be accepted and loved. The world often makes us think that way: The more you do, the better you are.
Now, there will be a point in time when you'll get tired of working and rushing for success all the time. You put all your energy into being loved and yet some people don't even recognize you. All your work didn't pay off.
A lot of people experience this in their faith, too. They feel like they have to be Super- Christians to be loved by God and to reach heaven. Even worse, some preachers still say you have to pray harder, volunteer more, donate more and engage in church more, or else you will not look good in God's eyes.
And that's not only sad, that's wrong.
To be loved by God you don't have to do anything but accept His grace. He's forgiving you all of your sins by grace. He saved you by grace. He loves you and wants you to be relieved by his grace. All you have to do is being honest to yourself and give all your heart to Jesus. Confess your sins, don't hide anything. Nobody's perfect but God is graceful. He wants you to experience his amazing grace. So free yourself and take it on.

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