Donnerstag, 1. September 2016

Impulse for your month

Hey, I´m fine and you?
I´m fine.

I think everyone knows such a conversation. But are you really fine? It´s so much easier to write, that you´re fine, even if you´re not fine…

The question is: Why do we do this?

Maybe because we just can´t explain, or we don´t want to bother the others…

But even if we talk face to face, we sometimes tend to lie about our feelings and put on masks. For other people it looks like you´re functioning, but inside we are broken.

I have done this for many years and in the beginning I haven´t even noticed, that it only broke me more and more. But if you once started to act like you´re another person and put on masks, it´s really hard to stop it again. I only could stop, when I finished school and started anew away from my home, where I made new friends. And I got a lot scars from that and they maybe never will fully heal…

You definitely need someone, where you can be unconditionally honest; where you let all the things out, that pull you down; where you can let go of your masks and be just you.

It´s so easy to put on masks, but it´s really bad for yourself and it can destroy friendships, when there is no or too little trust.

Maybe this week you can pay a little more attention, how you behave and if you wear masks in your daily life. If you notice, that you put on masks, than try to be honest and true. And if you can´t, look for someone you can trust and tell him about your struggling, pray about it and let him/her pray for you.

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