Samstag, 1. August 2015

Impulse for your month

Have you ever been to a museum? If so, you've probably seen a lot of paintings, sculptures and "old
stuff" like artifacts from ancient Egypt or Greece or Medieval Europe.
Fact is: Everything in that museum is really precious and worth at least a couple thousand Dollars. Everything is done to protect them: Some things put in a glass show case, definitely secured with a high tech security system, museum staff is all around to have an eye on the exhibits, in rooms with old and sensitive paintings even the humidity is controlled and measured constantly so they don't take damage. You will stand in front of all these things, all so different but all of incredible worth. You might wonder what makes them so special. It might be their age, or the technique the painting was made with, or simply the reputation of the artist. You might not be a fan of Salvador Dali but like the Impressionists while an admirer of Picasso would not be satisfied with the Mona Lisa. Anyway in the end all those paintings have one thin in common: they are worth a lot of money and the most precious thing to their collectors.
Now imagine that somebody sees the worth of those paintings in you. There's somebody who thinks you are just as precious, with all your character and looks. No matter which color your skin has, which language you speak or how old you are, God thinks you are wonderfully, carefully made and worth more than anything else to him. He is not focussed on one single type of human, he takes care of them all in the same manner, and so he takes care of you, too. He has a high Tech Security System installed all around you and restores you if you took damage despite all his precautions. He has his angels watch over you. He wants you to look your best and stay safe.
So no matter what people say: Remember you're a precious, wonderfully made being. God sees all your beauty. Embrace it.

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