Samstag, 1. November 2014

Impulse for your month

It's weekend (Halloween's over now) and at the latest on monday your everyday life problems are back. You go back to work or school and a lot of exercises are waiting for you. And then there are also all those other things like exams, illness, looking for a job, financial problems,... Things are getting pretty much for the moment and you like to run away from it all.
But unfortunately it doesn't work. Running away is no solution.

Do you those little fabric monsters called worry eaters? They have a zipper which you can open to put a slip inside. On that little paper you can write your worries. And when you put them into the mouth of the worrie eaters, your worries are gone, eaten by the little monsters.

I know a very similar method to get over my everyday life's problems.
I talk to God. The Bible says that we can throw our sorrows onto Jesus and that he takes care for us.
Even it is hard for you to believe me, but I experienced that it works. My problems and sorrows don't melt into thin air but they shrink and they don't press so heavy on my shoulders. My head isn't that heavy because it isn't so full of sorrows. So I can get calm and it is a bit easier to overcome with my difficulties and worries. Because then I know I don't have to manage this all on my own. Although I have to remind myself that I'm not alone with all that things.

"Again and again I have to remind myself
that I gave my sorrows to God.
Over and over I have to decide to trust him."
Valerie Lill
(loosely translated by us)

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