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Burnin' Heart Reports
It's already March, slowly the snow begins to melt, the weather becomes warmer and the nature wakes up. What happens in spring is wonderful and not really imaginable for us human beings. After months of ice, snow, and freezing cold temperatures all the plants start to grow with such a power that it seems like there's never been something like winter. Even the smallest flower breaks out of the earth, sometimes actually through the last inches of snow or ice!
How do they get that power? I don't believe that it was given to them by evolution during millions of years. I believe that they receive that power from God. Because God is able. He created every little flower, as tiny as it might be. And every plant is unique, one-of-a-kind. The sun helps them raise after long icy times.
God wants us to do the same thing. He wants us to rise, to grow, to become great, unique and beautiful in the light and the warmth of his love. If you let him step into your heart he'll give you new power to do things you never would have expected to do. God wants you to show the world how beautiful he is, just as the little flowers do. He gives you the power if you let him step into your life. Take the little flower as an example for you to grow in his warming love.