Impulse for your month

© Phil

"Dear God,
I want to take a minute,
not to ask for anything from you
but simply to say thank you for all I have."

How often do you ask God for something you want to have and how much time do you take to say thank you to him?

Sometimes it's easier for us to come to God and ask for things that we want to have. Or in times of troubles.

But be honest to yourself, how often do you only say "thank you" to God?

Try to take time - only one or two minutes - and say thank you for all the things he gave you. Take a minute to think about those things and then be thankful.

And if it is hard for you to think about things to thank for, buy a book or a pad and write down the good things that happen to you. Write down when you realize that God made something beautiful out of bad things. Memorable situations. Beautiful things you see...

There are so many reasons to be thankful!