Dienstag, 1. Mai 2018

Impulse for your month

If you break a vase in Japan they don´t throw it away, but they fix it. They don´t just fix it with normal glue, but they mix it with gold powder. Because of this the vase becomes perfect in its imperfection. The Japanese do this, because they believe that something, that broke and has a story, becomes even more beautiful.

We can transfer this believes to our faith. Our hearts break through injuries we got from hurting words from other people or bad thoughts. This hurts and sometimes they don´t heal completely, but god can use these flaws to shine his light through them. He uses them to reach people who don´t know him. Of course is this not pleasant, cause nobody likes to get hurt. But god can turn everything to something good. Even if we can´t see it now or even understand. God will put you back together, but maybe he won´t fix every flaw.

The lyrics from the song „Broken Vessels“ from Hillsong are exactly about this topic. Why don´t you try to pay attention to the lyrics pointedly:

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