Impulse for your month

Such a maze can be a really nice activity. But you can also lose yourself if you don’t remember which way you took.
Sometimes your life feels like you’re lost in a maze. You walk and walk, but you don’t get closer to your goal. Or you wander around and still don’t know which way you should go next.
In this case it is good, if someone can see everything from above and show you which way to choose. In a real maze this can be a person who is standing on a platform.
In your life god can be such a person. He can see our lifes from a different perspective. He knows where we should go and which way we have to go. We just have to listen to him and trust him that he will guide us to our goal.

This is of course not as easy as it sounds, because god doesn’t talk out loud. He talks in different ways, e.g. through his word or other people. If you are open to his talking, you will notice that he is talking to you.