Dienstag, 1. August 2017

Impulse for your month

How often do you think about your feet?

Most people care a lot about their body and about their looks. They might do sports and count calories, they go to the hairdresser's, they spend hours and hours looking for the latest fashion. In most cases the intentions are quite superficial, it's just about admiring some body at the first glance. But if you take a closer look, there is much more to admire.

Why don't you just stop reading for a second and look down at your feet.
Did you ever notice how incredible they are?

Compared to the size of our body, our two feet are quite small. Nevertheless they carry the whole weight, wherever we go. Often we think about our hands as being the most important part of the body. We write with our hands, we can paint, we can play the violin. We can shake hands and we can hug the one's we love. But if you try to stand on your hands, you propably won't have enough strength to do so for a few seconds or maybe a minute. And now remind yourself that you can stand on your feet for hours without any problems.
Each day from the moment I get out of the bed in the morning until I lay down at night I rely on my feet. I go to the kitchen to grab a coffee. I go to work. I go on a walk with my best friend. Sometimes I climb up hundreds of stairs to take a look down from a tower. Sometimes the path is smooth and I walk at a quick pace and sometimes there are sticks and stones and I have to watch every single step. But whatever the case, always my feet are carrying me.
Like most of the small everyday-things we take it for granted to walk whenever and wherever we want. Only if we stumble we are painfully reminded of the importance of our feet. So if your feet are well, just take a minute and be thankful.
God gave the promise to watch over you. And this does not mean that He just takes a quick look at you once a day. No, He watches your feet on every single step they take.

He won't let your foot slip. He who watches over you won't get tired.
Psalm 121,3

May you walk into this month without slipping!

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